Voices from the Glens portfolio Tarland, Migvie, Mulloch and surrounding area. portfolio This quite large area, sometimes known as the Howe of Cromar, is my home patch and has a long, ancient and interesting history. It has been farmed quite intensely and many abandoned places have either been renovated or completely removed. I keep finding little gems though.

Glenbuchat and Strathdon portfolio An area of outstanding beauty and steeped in history. There are many refurbished areas and a vibrant community but also some sadly neglected spots. I love visiting this area and there is a wealth of history about the area, easily located on the internet.

Cabrach portfolio A beautiful but remote and mostly abandoned area of rural Aberdeenshire.

Glen Gairn portfolio The land of Gairn stretches from Ben Avon in the west, in the heart of the Cairngorms to Morven neat Tarland in the east. It has a history of depopulation and the remains of many abandoned communities can still be found.

Ardoch portfolio “They call it the ‘Metropolean o’ the Waterside’. What they meant was that it was Glen Gairn’s metropolis; where they said ‘fowk had a’thing amang themselves’. This was Ardoch, one of the biggest clachans on Gairnside, whose fourteen fire-houses (houses with chimneys) lay on the lower slopes of Mammie Hill, looking down to where the River Gairn sweeps towards the River Dee.” The Land of the Lost by Robert Smith.

Slack portfolio Photographs taken at a place called Slack, near Tarland Aberdeenshire in Scotland.

Skye portfolio I visit this beautiful island on the west of Scotland often and I try to locate abandoned places here also but it is not as easy as I thought it would be. I will continue my 'croft crawling' and upload pictures here when I get them.